Modular 1RU frame enabling expansion and future proofing. Hosts up to 4 MatchBox modules of any combination. xFrame boasts a distributed frame reference and single Ethernet control interface for access to all MatchBox Modules. With the trusted rock solid Matchbox technology inside.

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Capacity for 4 MatchBox modules with options for expansions (audio, Dolby etc)

Hot swapable modules

Frame Ethernet interface to access each module’s web control interface – no need for an external switch

Hot swapable redundant external power supplies (Included)

Frame reference distributed to all modules in the frame

Increased cooling capability with 3 x replaceable fan units – front to side cooling

Full chassis monitoring including PSUs, fans, references, Modules status, SFP presence and temperature


MatchBox Module Features

Integrated with frame’s Ethernet for web control

Integrated with frame’s Video Reference interface

Video Reference input

Each Module can support 4 SFPs (8 video interfaces)

Video MatchBox xFrame
Video IO 4 Bi-directional x SDI
(2 x SFPs)
Quadlink 4K, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI
4 Bi-directional SDI + 4 Output SDI
(4 x SFPs)
Quadlink 4K, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI
Genlock HD-BNC Module Ref
Black&Burst, Tri-Level, SDI
HD-BNC Module Ref, BNC Frame Ref
Black&Burst, Tri-Level, SDI
On Screen Display Yes Yes
Audio Input MatchBox xFrame
Embedded 16 Channels (4 groups) 16 Channels (4 groups)
AES 8 Channels (Option) 8 Channels (Option)
Dolby Decode Yes (option) Yes (option)
Analysis MatchBox xFrame
AV Timing +/- 2 Seconds; 0.1ms precision +/- 2 Seconds; 0.1ms precision
Coherence 16 channels 16 channels
Transport Timing +/- 0.5 Frames in lines and pixels +/- 0.5 Frames in lines and pixels
Content Timing +/- 2 Seconds; 0.1ms precision +/- 2 Seconds; 0.1ms precision
4K Transport Timing Option Option
4K Content Timing Option Option
Levels True Peak (dBFS) True Peak (dBFS)
Inversion 16 channels 16 channels
Channel Order 16 channels 16 channels
Control MatchBox xFrame
Remote Control Web browser interface Web browser interface
Ethernet 1Gb RJ45 Module Connection 1Gb RJ45 Frame Connection
default IP address to to
General MatchBox xFrame
Power 12V DC 60W Max
2 x XLR
12V DC 100W Max
2 x XLR
AC Power Supply Included Included
Size H: 44mm W: 483mm D: 155mm H: 44mm W: 483mm D: 227mm