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Enhance your remote production with perfect lip-sync timingCheck out our solutions for near instant lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras

Hitomi can save you time money disputes on your remote production setup

Hitomi's MatchBox solutions for remote production quickly and accurately deliver peace of mind before going live, with instant lip-sync alignment of mics and cameras using a free iOS app at the point of capture.

Free iOS app

Measure lip-sync from the lens of the camera with an easily accessible free app your reporter, presenter or talent can use.

Perfect timing

Accurate alignment & synchronisation that can be demonstrated on departure to avoid disputes.

Going live in five?

Forget clapper boards and tapping mics. Check audios are in line and get lip-sync accuracy in seconds.

Perfect Timing

For high profile live sports productions, the stakes are naturally.. high.

Whether you’re covering a sports event, music show or broadcasting live news, when time is short and it’s got to be right, broadcasters around the world rely on the precise audio and video alignment analytics offered by Hitomi’s MatchBox solutions.

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Timeline endorses use of Hitomi MatchBox for remote production

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

We talk to Quinn Cooper at Timeline TV, about his experience of Hitomi MatchBox.

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It’s about time

Monday, April 5, 2021

News from the USA – a guest blog from Don Cardone, director of DMC Broadcast Group, supporting and selling Hitomi products to North and Latin America.

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NEP Connect adds MatchBox to its MediaCity Network Operations

Monday, March 29, 2021

NEP Connect has purchased a 4K MatchBox system - Generator and Analyser with Glass license.

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